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INSD Presents Think Design–The Summer Edition 2019

Fashion is at the forefront this summer as International School of Design, New Delhi one of the premier design school in India once again electrified the city with its high impact, fully integrated fashion show featuring the
creative minds of INSD with their breathtaking collections at the Crown Plaza Hotel, Okhla, New Delhi.

The grand INSD fashion show with THINK DESIGN as its core theme rightly named “THINK DESIGN” travels you across all boundaries of design and witness the extraordinary creations at its glamorous best. It was the time to back pack and sneak peek in jet setting Diva’s fashion Pandora. Soaked in the paradise of this diverse extravaganza and celebrate the ultimate style. Each INSDIAAN had dexterously worked on the core theme with each of their individual collection and extracted the best vision from their creative young minds . The themes presented by the INSD students are given below.

In addition to being a unique opportunity for upcoming talented fashion designers, the event  also showed the spotlight the finest upcoming Interior Designers. The concept of this exciting event was to create a posh environment to enjoy a top-of-the-line runway show.

We, at INSD live and breathe design and this event was the highlight of our finely designed academic training, practical training & industry centric programs said Mr. Sunjey Aggarwal, Founder & CEO.

INSD always sets its standards very high and makes sure that each Insdian creates something out of the box and presents it in the most fashionable manner said its new Business Head, Mr Pranav Aggarwal. The following are the details of the participating young budding INSD designers showcasing their breathtaking collection at Fashion First-The Summer Edition with their respective theme names as follows:

1. Stance
The confidence that today’s generation carries is their stance, that is attitude which makes them embrace their individuality and bring out the person they are though their dressing and styling. Breaking all the stereotypes, today’s generation is all about bringing out their personality and saying out loud that they can be what they want, live how they want  and wear what they like. Hence they go by the saying, “Clothes means nothing until someone lives in them.

INSD Student Designer names:


2. Lionhearted
It’s a collection depicting something bold and being fearless.

Like a lion you know, fight for what you stand for. A Lion heart would stand out in the crowd with boldness and in the most gracious way.

INSD Student Designer names:


3. Outlandish refers to something really unique taken from the past vintage generation and setting them in the new generation and making it look more voguish and attractive. Adding more charm to it with vintage accessories and headgears.

INSD Student Designer names:

4. Vociferous. (By INSD Interior Department)
Presenting you the insdians confidence to change any interiors through their way of thinking and putting imagination in design.

INSD Student Designer names-
Rashmita choudhary
Prateek soni



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