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Benefits of Coconut Tree

As I am laying under a coconut tree. I thought I would share some benefits of coconut trees. A coconut tree's every part is useful to mankind. From its trunk to the fruit. Every part has its own benefit.
Coconuts trees are one of the few trees that has all its parts serving a purpose. That's why it's also known as the all in one tree. You most likely find them in coastal areas and brackish water areas but you can grow in some different soils too. All you have to do is put out at least 2-3 bags of 1kg salt before putting the coconut in the soil. It will supply the tree with its lifetime of salt and the size of the tree can also be limited but it's better if you let it grow tall. Just find a place where it can.

So, here are some of the benefits of coconut trees.
1.    The coconut
The main part of the tree is the fruit. Coconut's flesh, water and even the outer layer also serve different purposes. Coconut water is a very beneficial drink that can drive Away dehydration, switching your toxic drinks with coconut water. It even can be used as saline injection in times of emergencies. Coconut also produces natural cold pressed oil and milk. Coconut oil is healthier than other cooking oil with low cholesterol factors. Coconut milk is 10 times more nourishing than animal milk.
2.    The coconut shells
The coconut shells both soft and hard, have their perks. The soft shells are used to cook food inside. Most complimentary is the seafood cooked inside the soft shell. And the hard shell is good for storing Purpose. In islands hard coconut shells are also used for storing any liquid substance for its leak proof outing. They are also made into candles and light. Other uses are like planting trees using the shells.
3.    Coconut tree fiber
Coconut shells produce a fiber also known as the coconut husk. It is strong enough to make ropes out of it. It is also found in the branches of the tree. It is quite useful to make other crafts and essential items. It is also used as natural scrubbers.
4.    The branches and leaves
coconuts tree branches are mainly used for hatching purposes. Almost all the mud houses near the coast have coconut branch roofs supported with wood and other grasses. The leaves are also used for making utensils like plates and bowls. It promotes eco-friendly utensils.
5.    Create fire.
If you are stuck on an island with only coconut trees around. Listen carefully! Just kidding. Some traditional houses still use coconut tree parts like branches, leaves, stems and even the coconut itself to create fire. It easily catches fire and burns for a longer time than Normal wood because of the oil content.
6.    Prevents Cyclone winds.
A huge coconut tree plantation can withstand the strong cyclonic wind. As coconut trees are quite flexible and strong. They don't break in strong winds easily. They create a Barrier which can't stop the cyclone but minimise the impact of strong wind. It is also one of the natural reasons why coconut trees are found near coastal areas more than Normal lands other than the fact that they need saline water to grow well. So, plant more coconut trees!
7.    The flower.
It might not be the most beautiful flower or a flower with an extraordinary smell but it can be used as medicine. The flower buds have a lot of medicinal values and are used in both traditional and modern medicine. Especially medicine made for the new mother that has coconut flower powder in it. It makes the healing process quicker.
8.    The trunk of the coconut tree also creates a kind of starch which can be used to make glue. Even though it's not usually extracted because it's not that much in demand but some traditional places do use it till date.
9.    The roots as dye
The roots again are used for medicinal purposes too but also used as natural dye.
It also helps in maintaining the groundwater level. The coconut tree roots are long enough to penetrate the sandy soil into the deep soil to reach water and restrain it. Sometimes it filters the saline and brackish water.
Happy summer and enjoy a hydrating coconuts water!

- Durgesh Nandini Naik


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