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Astral Projection

Astral Projection is a psychological attempt to experience being outside of one’s physical human body, while being both alive and preferably awake at the time. It is not linked in any way to ritualistic magic and does not rely on any particular religious or belief system.  There are techniques for achieving an OOBE.  As yet I haven’t heard of it being at all dangerous.

Throughout history, people have experienced astronomical projection. In many cases, these are called extra corporeal experiences (OBE), in fact it is an event that human consciousness seems to be separated from the body. These are usually explained by people with near-death experience (NDE). Until recently they were kept secret by their people as they were afraid to be seen as angry by the society. However, there are people who pursue this experience with an open but terrifying idea.

Astral projection (or star travel) is an extra corporeal experience achieved by waking up, or through a lucid dream or deep meditation. People who say they are experiencing astral projections often say their spirit and stars have moved away from their body and moved to another level known as the spiritual world or the plane of the stars. The concept of astral projection has existed thousands of years ago and can be traced back to ancient China. Currently it is usually related to the New Age movement.

Astral projection refers to the extra body experience (OBE), during which the stars move away from the body to the plane of the stars. People often experience this condition during experiences during or close to death, but they can also perform astral forecasts at will. This article contains instructions on how to get started. Please start in the morning. Please do not practice astral projection at night during sleep. Please start when you feel sleepy in the morning. It has been said that it is easier to reach a necessary relaxation state and raise awareness at dawn. However, interstellar travel is always available, so there is no strict rule. When we feel the right to do, this is personal preference or simply Star Trek.

Everyone goes to the star's plane while sleeping at night. Please think about this. Let's execute the astral projection without being noticed by anyone! This sounds strange and unbelievable, this is the truth. To explore Astral forecasts, pay attention to your dream every night. After all, you will notice that you are in Astral, but do not notice it. When we take our first step and make multidimensional astronomical projections a realistic possibility we can concentrate on the way we understand, explore and actually experience these things I can do it. By doing so, we can open the door to an amazing vast existence that has surpassed our imagination!

Astral projection (or star travel) is a spiritual interpretation of in-vitro experience. Astral projection is a very common phenomenon. 5% to 10% of the world's population experiences at least one conscious physical experience. How do you know if that happened to you? Historically, in the East and the West, people have long recognized the existence of astral bodies and delicate bodies. Based on this understanding, we developed a profound and difficult oesophageal treatment technique and method. These treatments are still widely used even today, and it will work. Consider an energy therapist, aura master, tele therapy, and practitioners dealing with energetic bodies.

-By Pallabi Ghosh


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