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Abstracted Psychedelia!

It's a lot to find out. Ever wondered how pretty it could be while you're taken into a world of hypnosis? The psychedelic colours that are enraged through the spirals formed from our inner self, have more meaning than just entering the subconscious. Feeling trippy, high, or fly, travel into the world of the subconscious, only to find yourself at ease than you already were.
A moment of lost. Searching for self lacks reaching the peak at which you don't traverse more than you should. Overwhelming thoughts and actions that indulge in fantasies unspoken of are yet to lead you astray among wild and crazy sapiens. Breathe - Think - Evolve
Dive deep into the spheres of self! Let loose and let the hype take over…
The transverse of bilateral against the trance of high has its own beauty. Those dope style travels into the universe of trippy with the magnum of overexposed colours of proximity, get yourself known. Raging in the heat of colours generated from the circular Michigan, embark your journey. Love yourself first.
Hypnosis comes in various forms of shapes. The reason of obsessed powers leading to the abundance of letting out your virtue lies with the effect of what you deal with. Your grey matter and other happenings of the psyche come in deep contact with the roots of your emotions. Causing this very reason to let out what no one ever knew. Interesting, isn't it, the more you get to know every bit of it? Well, this is just the beginning …
It could work collaterally as well, if only there was a relation with the process of contact. You get to know, once you're in it. And once you're in it, it's a feeling like never before! A dream that comes true once in a lifetime and goes on for as long as you want to be there and live it. It is simple; "you fly like a G6 only if you feel the blazered and the otherworld’s a blizzard"
An excited eerie enthusiasm of expressions running deep than the colour, black. Experiencing in colour or otherwise is just the same, until you experience. You're more than what you see, what you hear, what you do and what you are. Fall into the passions of splash and patterns of delight. It demands to be felt, so, let it out once and for all!
Engaging in hypnosis, one tends to talk about graffiti in the most abstract of its existence. Your mind not only travels, but stops with the inner flex of submerged "up in the air" feels. Trying to conjure your daily smoke ups of life amidst ecstasy while hippie-ing around. The art of colours mixed with the tendency to create perpetual dope through graffiti of the vague, "yet to be found" synonyms, live happy ^-^
Feel yourself anew. With the brownies and mushrooms having a time of their own with you travelling the galaxy of enormous. Live and have fun! The idea of the weird and bonkers is to bring forgone traits back to life. It is a legit mood. Laugh your lungs out, cry your heart out and say what you want to say…
Our biggest fear has always been of getting judged, but if everyone's in the same condition there's a chance that all are off. Off into another wonderland.
We as sapiens of the earth, have a lot to offer until we don't discover. Going gaga over worldly pleasures ignoring what actually makes a change, gather your conscious and leap into the land of the conjugal…
Spill what you feel and draw what you are. These ominous beings in the boldest of its nature has shown YOU in the truest of true. Let out your inner demons to summon your glory to perform the task you were supposed to. Sweat that muscle and work on that other level to hustle amongst bustle. It's time to reveal the dark, eager to know what yours is ?!
Get into the groove of flexing while those spilt over the walls of triumph, cheer you on for more to be created and more to be carried on. Set forth and step on the gas for more… Never let the stop, interrupt the ongoing of splash. You have more within than anyone could know of. Grow and transform ~
It's time to step on the grind and get a grip of yourself

-Namrata Bir


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